Excess Trash & Recycling

Recently, the Board was made aware of a dialog between a Waste Management (WM) driver and their HOA liaison.  This dialog indicates a possible shift in the willingness of drivers to collect any and all trash or recycling set out by our owners. 

 As a result, the Board of Directors is asking homeowners to break down all trash and recycling, and not overfill trash carts. Per our contract, WM is not required to empty more than one 96 gallon trash cart and one 96 gallon recycle cart per household. For anything more the HOA could be charged extra, any extra charges received by the HOA would be passed down to the homeowner for reimbursement. 

Previously the drivers have just been picking up extra trash/recycling and there hasn’t been any expense to the HOA. However given the dialog we’ve been made aware of, we expect that could change. If you aren’t able to get everything within the carts, some suggestions from the Board are to tip drivers if there is more trash and/or recycling that needs to be picked up, try to make any extra trash as convenient as possible for pickup,  consider helping to load the excess, or possibly secure unused capacity from your neighbors (please don’t load up a neighbor’s receptacles without talking to them first though).