Lions Paw Speed Control Project

            Exceeding 25 mph continues to be a problem on Lions Paw Street and PROA Directors will be consulting with the Town re methods to keep speed in check.  Residents of Antelope Ridge utilizing the intersection of Desert Rose and Lions Paw and outside contractors and venders contribute to the problem.  Painters Ridge residents are encouraged to speak with their contractors and family members encouraging them to keep their speed within the 25-mph limit.

            On September 8, 2019, an email was sent to Painters Ridge Members/Residents seeking input concerning speeding abatement on Lions Paw Street.  Seven email replies are contained in “Additional Information” below.

            The Directors requested the Castle Rock Police Department to place their electronic signs on Lions Paw street to remind drivers of the 25-mph limit and to collect statistics re traveled speeds.  The Directors wanted to review the statistics and effects of the sign before considering using PROA funds to purchase a sign(s) at a cost of $3,000 apiece for permanent placement on Lions Paw street.  The data collected is contained in “Additional Information” below.

            A general discussion was had between the Directors and the Members in attendance at this September 24, 2019 Board meeting that produced the following:

            i.)         Further speed data should be collected on Lions Paw between Desert Rose and the southernmost part of Lions Paw.

            ii.)        Painted crosswalks should be added at the intersection of Lions Paw and Desert Rose to improve safety for children using school buses, and for other pedestrians, who cross over to the sidewalks on the east side of Lions Paw and south side of Desert Rose.  The crosswalks might cause drivers to reduce speed.

            iii.)       Since a sidewalk does not exist on the west side of Lions Paw, additional painted crosswalks could be added between Desert Rose and the southernmost part of Lions Paw.  The additional crosswalks might cause drivers to reduce speed.

            iv.)       Caution and school children signs could be erected on several portions of Lions Paw that might cause drivers to reduce speed.

            v.)        Stop signs could be erected on several portions of Lions Paw that require drivers to come to a stop on Lions Paw.

            vi.)       Reduce speed limit on Lions Paw to 19-mph.  Knowledge from interactions with Town Traffic Engineers indicates that speed signs are largely ineffective when drivers believe they are inconsistent with conditions.

            vii.)      PROA purchase of electronic signs for sole use within Painters Ridge if statistics support that they will be (and will remain) effective, and that the $3,000 apiece cost is a wise investment.

            viii.)     Follow-up with a petition to the Town to conduct further study and investigate speed abatement solutions.  The Town’s Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program is a neighborhood led process that is used to identify the best and most effective solution for controlling speeds on a roadway shown to have a speeding problem as defined by the program’s criteria.  This option could open available funding for alternative traffic calming devices beyond the radar signs if the data shows a speeding problem on Lions Paw.  The process is initiated by submitting a petition with signatures from at least 5 residents with addresses on the street of concern.

            ix.)       Encourage families with children to exercise safeguards within their property to protect their children.

            Following the general discussion the Directors decided to pursue petitioning the Town as described above and to share the input derived from the Member/Resident email replies and the results of the discussion between the Directors and Members at this September 24, 2019 Board of Directors meeting with Town staff.

Speeding Replies & Data Report can be found by clicking this link