Construction of Crystal Valley Parkway/I-25 Interchange

The interchange project is on the list for a Federal grant from the Department of Transportation.  It is a competitive grant with awards being decided during the summer of 2019. Receiving the grant will make up the funding shortfall before construction can begin.  The original plan had a Federal grant funding component viewed as being required to complete funding.  The Town development team is trying to land an anchor client that will bring in several thousands of jobs to the Town, and who would replace the funding shortfall, if the Federal grant is denied.  Both options are in play.  If the Federal grant is awarded, it will likely lock in the project.  The Interchange will be a Federal regulated project (even if the Feds don’t kick in funding).  Therefore, the Town needs to have full funding (including the Town purchase of the land necessary for the interchange) before actual construction can begin.  The Town began the land purchase process in April 2019, but protest and appeal processes could take another 14 months or more to complete.  Even if the land can be acquired without protest or appeal, the Town and County cannot move money into the funding until spring 2020 with an anticipated construction start in 2021 ending late summer 2023.   There is a plan that reflects the construction in two phases.  The plan currently being worked on will accomplish the build out in one phase.  Council hasn’t been apprised of a single-phase construction plan that may not be available until single phase financing is completed.

The TWO-PHASE PLAN download planning map is available here.  (MinAtt-1_CVP-I25 Two Phase Layout)

The ONE-PHASE PLAN is not completed and will be posted when finished, probably during 2020-21

Survey Results: Crystal Valley Parkway Speed Increase

From April 8 through April 12, 2019 the below email survey of Painters Ridge Residents was conducted per PROA Board direction.

At its March 26, 2019 Board of Directors meeting the Directors of the Painters Ridge Owners Association (PROA) decided to conduct a survey with Painters Ridge residents concerning the proposed increase from 35-mph to 45-mph on Crystal Valley Parkway (CVP).

On February 25, 2019 a committee of PROA residents met with the Town of Castle Rock traffic engineers and expressed the following concerns about the speed increase along the stretch of CVP between the intersections of Lions Paw Street and Mighty Oak Street.

  1. The speed increase will greatly raise the crash danger when vehicles make left hand turns onto CVP from Lions Paw and Mighty Oak Streets, because of the limited sight distance from the pedestrian bridge to the intersections of Lions Paw and Mighty Oak Streets. Stop watch timing of the distance from the crest of Crystal Valley Parkway (just east of the bridge) to the Lions Paw intersection at 45 mph was 7.51 seconds (timing twice).  At speeds over 45 mph the time would be less than 7 seconds. Sun glare, darkness, ice, and weather conditions require more time to navigate left turns out of Painters Ridge and will present further chances of crashes due to sight limitations if speed limit is raised to 45 mph.
  2. Since over 90% of the traffic on CVP now exceeds the present 35-mph limit (per Town survey the average speed is 45-mph), human nature is such that if raised to 45-mph most of the traffic will travel above the 45-mph limit.
  3. School buses now execute left turns onto CVP from Lions Paw Street.
  4.  Many pedestrians cross CVP from Lions Paw Street to hike Quarry Mesa.
  5. Additional traffic will use Lions Paw Street when 35 plus homes are added to a southern extension of Lions Paw Street.

The increase is expected to take place in May 2019.

Please reply to prior to April 12th with your answer of “YES” or “NO” to the following question:

Should the Painters Ridge Board of Directors notify the Castle Rock Town Council and Staff that it is opposed to raising the speed limit on CVP along the stretch of CVP between the intersections of Lions Paw Street and Mighty Oak Street?

Based on the survey results:

Total Lots Casting Votes = 25

Lots Voting “YES” = 20

Lots Voting “NO” = 5

The PROA Directors unanimously voted in favor or notifying the Town of Castle Rock Council, Manager, Attorney, and Traffic Staff of the results of the survey, and that the PROA Board of Directors (on behalf of the Members/Residents of the PROA) oppose the speed increase to 45-mph between the Crystal Valley Parkway stretch running from Lions Paw Street to Mighty Oak Street Drive.

Painters Ridge – April Update

April 17, 2018

Upcoming Annual Meeting – The Annual Member Meeting of Homeowners will be held on Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 6:30 p.m at the Pinnacle Recreation Center.  There will be an election of 3 residents to serve on the Board of Directors, so resident participation to vote in-person or by proxy is very important.  Get details on the 2018 Annual Meeting webpage.

HOA Violations – With an increase in reported violations, all residents are reminded to review the Painters Ridge Design Standards & Guidelines for information about community standards.  Additionally, refer to the overview for HOA violations on the website for answers to commons process questions.

Volunteers Needed – In addition to seeking new Board members, the Painters Ridge (PR) Board is looking for new volunteers to serve on the Design Review Committee to review owner requests modify their home exterior or landscaping.  All residents are welcome; landscaping or building experience is not required.  Contact the PR Board if you would like to help.

Policies to Know – PR HOA standards allow a trash or recycling receptacle only to be visible on the street within 24 hours before and after pickup. Read more about the PR HOA requirements regarding trash.

Spring Home Improvements – If you have plans to modify your landscaping or home exterior, remember to 1) review the Painters Ridge and Crystal Valley design standards and guidelines to ensure compliance, 2) file an application with both associations, and 3) receive permission from both associations before beginning the projects.  Refer to the home improvement process for more information.

Good to Know – A common question of residents is why Painters Ridge HOA remains a sub-association to Crystal Valley Master HOA.  Current and past PR Boards recommend to keep PR HOA separate for now. The benefit in this decision will keep the needs of PR residents prioritized within our HOA versus trying to incorporate our issues into a larger pool of concerns with the Master HOA. When development slows down in Crystal Valley, the PR Board will review the matter again and make a recommendation to residents at that time. Until then, Painters Ridge residents must still comply with the rules of both Associations.

Resident Resources: 

2018 Painters Ridge HOA Meeting Schedule

2018 Meeting Schedule:  HOA Meetings typically are held at 6:30 p.m. on the last Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September, and November at the Pinnacle Community Center (2160 Fox Haven Drive). The 2018 meetings are scheduled on:

  • January 23rd (includes Budget Ratification meeting)
  • March 27th
  • April 24th (Annual Member Meeting)
  • May 22nd
  • July 24th
  • September 25th
  • November 27th