CVR Meeting Date Change and Other CVR Updates

Master CVR Board Meeting Moved: The Board of Directors meeting has been moved to Thursday, May 24th, 2018 at 6PM at the Clubhouse due to an important meeting being held by the Town of Castle Rock. The HOA will share the information obtained from the meeting with everyone.

DRC Process: We want to thank two new members joining the DRC Committee that helps move the applications along.  The DRC has up to 30 days to review the applications that are complete with all information required. We appreciate your patience in this busy time of the season and remind you to plan ahead to allow for the committee to get it reviewed.  You can submit or check the status of your application can be viewed online under Association Business/Architectural control.

Pinnacle Park Grand Opening – Please see attached! The exciting event is being held this weekend!

Fitness Equipment: The fitness equipment that was recently purchased has been installed! Check it out!

The Landscape Committee has been formed and one of the first and important tasks that they are tackling is the pet station location mapping. There are 15 new pet stations currently purchased by the HOA! Some of you have already submitted your suggestion but if you have a location you want to be sure is included; please email it to and provide detail on a map of the exact location.

Newsletter: We have been getting great feedback from the neighbors on the newsletter created monthly by the Social Committee. If there are articles or subjects you would like to be included in future newsletters, let us know!

Delegates: The district delegates for Skyview and Oak Ridge have been elected! Please see the list of all the delegates below. As a reminder, the delegates have an obligation to ratify the budget and elect the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting in November.



Name Delegate Email
1A Antelope Ridge Jeff Whaley
1B Painters Ridge Arlin Shepard
2 Windflower Pam Brockhaus
3 Opal Ridge Susan Salvatori  
5A Carriage Hills Laurie Stanco
6 Taras Ridge Rodney Brown
14 Skyview Matt Javernick
7 Oak Ridge Russell Campbell
12 Pine Meadow Luke Martinez


Thank you and we hope to see you all on Saturday!

Crystal Valley Ranch Master HOA

Board of Directors

Painters Ridge – April Update

April 17, 2018

Upcoming Annual Meeting¬†–¬†The Annual Member Meeting of Homeowners will be held on¬†Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 6:30 p.m at the Pinnacle Recreation Center.¬† There will be an election of 3 residents to serve on the Board of¬†Directors, so¬†resident¬†participation to vote in-person or by proxy¬†is very¬†important.¬† Get details on the¬†2018 Annual Meeting webpage.

HOA¬†Violations¬†–¬†With an increase in reported violations, all residents are reminded to review the¬†Painters Ridge Design Standards & Guidelines¬†for information about community¬†standards.¬† Additionally, refer to the¬†overview for¬†HOA violations¬†on the website for answers to commons process questions.

Volunteers Needed¬†–¬†In addition to seeking new Board members, the Painters Ridge (PR) Board is looking for new volunteers to serve on the Design Review Committee to review owner requests modify their home exterior or¬†landscaping.¬† All residents are welcome; landscaping or building experience is not¬†required. ¬†Contact the PR Board¬†if you would like¬†to help.

Policies to Know¬†–¬†PR HOA standards allow a¬†trash or recycling receptacle only to be¬†visible on the street within 24 hours before and after pickup.¬†Read more¬†about the PR HOA¬†requirements regarding trash.

Spring Home Improvements¬†–¬†If you have plans to modify your landscaping or home exterior,¬†remember to 1) review the¬†Painters Ridge¬†and¬†Crystal Valley¬†design standards and guidelines to¬†ensure compliance, 2) file an application with both associations, and 3) receive permission from both¬†associations before beginning the projects.¬† Refer to the¬†home¬†improvement process¬†for more information.

Good to Know¬†–¬†A common question¬†of residents is why Painters Ridge HOA remains a sub-association to Crystal Valley¬†Master HOA.¬† Current and past PR Boards recommend to keep¬†PR HOA separate for¬†now. The benefit in this¬†decision will keep the needs¬†of PR residents prioritized¬†within our HOA versus¬†trying¬†to incorporate our issues into¬†a larger pool of concerns with¬†the Master HOA. When¬†development slows down in Crystal Valley, the¬†PR Board will review the¬†matter again and make a¬†recommendation to residents¬†at that time. Until then,¬†Painters Ridge residents must¬†still comply with the rules of¬†both Associations.

Resident Resources: