Design Standards & Guidelines for New Homes & Home Additions (effective Jan 2014)

What is the purpose of the Design Standards? 

The Painters Ridge Design Standards are intended to assist architects, builders, engineers and future homeowners in design and construction of new homes and home additions or alterations in Painters Ridge.  All Unit Owners, builders, consultants, and any other designated representatives must comply with the review process, in order to gain approval from the Design Review Committee (DRC) for new home construction or modification to your existing home exterior or the surrounding landscaping.

Are the Painters Ridge Standards different than Crystal Valley Standards?  

The Painters Ridge standards are complimentary to the Crystal Valley Design Standards .  A request to modify your landscaping or the exterior of your home (except painting*) requires an application to be filed with both Painters Ridge and Crystal Valley associations, and approval from both associations before beginning a project.  Full exterior painting, excluding touchup of existing colors, only requires an application to and approval from the Painters Ridge.

*Approval by Crystal Valley DRC  is no longer required for exterior painting in Painters Ridge per Section 4.22 of the Crystal Valley Design Standards.

I’m  updating/refreshing the exterior of my home.  Which form do I use for Painters Ridge approval?  

All exterior house colors & materials must be approved by the Painters Ridge DRC*.  When making exterior changes to your home, you will need to make a color choice from the Painters Ridge Color Scheme Book. The available color selections, determined by our design consultant, were collected to enhance the aesthetics and integrity, while maintaining the compatibility and harmony of the Painters Ridge neighborhood. These selections – or comparable colors – are the only colors schemes that will be approved by the committee. You can review the Painters Ridge color scheme book at Sherwin Williams paint store in Castle Rock or with the Chairman of the DRC.

Before Painting: 1) Choose house colors from color scheme book, 2) Fill out and forward the Painters Ridge Design Review Application & the Exterior Paint Request Form, 3) Paint 2’x2’ paint samples of each planned color on the front of your home for the committee to see. If you have further questions or would like assistance in choosing new colors, please contact the Design Review Committee for assistance.

Additional Information: 1) Paint colors must be different from your adjoining neighbor homes and home directly across the street, 2) Do not begin exterior changes to your home until you receive the approval from the Design Review Committee. The committee will reply within 14 days of your completed submittal.

*Approval by Crystal Valley DRC  is no longer required for exterior painting in Painters Ridge per Section 4.22 of the Crystal Valley Design Standards.

Who are the Painters Ridge and Crystal Valley DRC liaisons for these design requests?  

Effective 5/22/18, The Painters Ridge DRC includes Chuck Hackard (Interim Chair), Dan Hampton, Brian Bates, Jeffery Allen, and Tom Swafford.

Crystal Valley DRC requests should be sent to

FAQs – HOA Violations

What rules apply to homeowners and residents?  Painters Ridge residents are requried to maintain certain community standards, which can be found in the Painters Ridge Design Standards & Guidelines.  The Painters Ridge (PR) Board is responsible for enforcing these rules and may periodically review and update the guidelines to improve clarification.

Who monitors violations?  Routine inspections for violations are not planned, but the PR Board is required to review all complaints brought forward.

Who can file a complaint? Any resident has a right to file a complaint to the PR Board about a perceived violation.  Complainants must include sufficient information to document the issue of concern, including a description of the violation, including the date, time, and pictures (if possible).  Residents filing a complaint should also be willing to participate as a witness, if an appeal hearing becomes necessary.

If I see a violation, should I talk with the resident first or file a complaint with the PR Board?  If the discussion is intended to be productive, non-confrontational, and with the intent to remedy the situaton, then talking to a neighbor about a concern is always encouraged.  Otherwise, a resident can forward concerns directly to the the PR Board.

How do I contact the PR Board to file a complaint? Email the PR Board with a description of the violation, including the date, time, and pictures (if possible).

What letters are issued by the PR Board for a violation?  The PR Board generally will contact a resident about a violation in the following order*:

  1. Courtesy letter or email with information about the violation
  2. 1st letter detailing the violation with a specific time period requesting remediation
  3. 2nd letter detailing the violation with a specific time period requesting remediation
  4. Final notice

For more information, refer to the Enforcement Policy.

(*In some instances when the severity of the violation requires immediate action or timing is critical in remedying the problem, the PR Board has discretion to bypass the contact order listed above and choose the most effective method of providing notification to a resident.)

What should I do if I receive a violation notice?  A resident who has received a violation notice is encouraged to respond to the PR Board as soon as possible to avoid potential fines.

What are my rights to appeal if I do not agree with the violations included in the notice?  A resident, who has received a violation notice but is disputing the issue, has a right to request a hearing with the PR Board and speak to all witnesses, including the resident who originally reported the issue to the PR Board.

Does the Crystal Valley Master HOA also monitor for violations?  Yes, Crystal Valley Master HOA actively monitors all Crystal Valley neighborhoods, including Painters Ridge.  In most instances, Painters Ridge community standards are more stringent than Crystal Valley, but there are some variations between the guidelines.  Although not common, it is possible for you to receive a violation notice from Crystal Valley Master HOA and not from Painters Ridge.  If you receive a violation letter, look at the letterhead to identify which HOA you need to provide a response.  If you receive a violation notice from Crystal Valley, you must follow their process for remedying the issue or appealing to the Crystal Valley Master HOA Board; the Painters Ridge Board does not get involved in these matters on behalf of a resident.




Trash Guidelines (effective 5/17/16)

This document reflects revisions to the section on Trash in Painters Ridge Owners Association’s Design Standards & Guidelines regarding Trash only.  These edits eventually will be incorporated into the full Standards & Guidelines document.