Snow Removal

The Painters Ridge Owners Association and the Crystal Valley Ranch Master Association are NOT responsible for plowing Town owned streets within Crystal Valley and Painters Ridge.  The Town “Priority Plowing Schedule” is:

Priority 1         Crystal Valley Parkway

Priority 2         From Lions Paw and Desert Rose Streets to Crystal Valley Parkway (because it is a school bus route)

Priority 3         Lions Paw Street

Priority 4         Painters Ridge cul-de-sacs

Town plows are supposed to avoid excessive blocking of driveways in a manner that absolutely prevents entry or exit.  Contact the Town at 720-733-2462 or by email ( to politely request the clearing of excess blocking.  Otherwise, it is up to residents to clear plow rows along their driveways.

Town Ordinance requires property owners to clear sidewalks adjacent to their property within 48 hours after 2 inches of snowfall has accumulated.